• Recruiting and Training (including English language, technical, and electronic disciplines) for construction, industrial, Armed Forces, and aviation clients.


  • Communication Infrastructure (including tactical ground civil work, towers, local area network, routers, and radio communication equipment) and support for Armed Forces and aviation clients.


  • Asset-Management Software development and installation for warehouse, provisioning, and maintenance operations.


  • Delivery of Platforms, systems, components, subcomponents, heavy equipment, trucks, specialized vehicles, and power generators for construction, oil and gas, industrial, Armed Forces and aviation clients.


  • Washing Systems for aviation and heavy equipment  (deliver, install, train, and support) for Armed Forces and aviation clients.


  • Maintenance and Refurbishment projects (manpower for workshop facilities, paint & grit blast booths, and labs; spare parts, repair and return, & consumables) for Armed Forces and aviation clients.


  • Procurement (including Legacy and current weapon systems spares support) and supply chain management (including warehouse and facility management) for Armed Forces and aviation clients.  

  • Total Infrastructure Support for aviation project to include housing, security, supply, installation, training, and sustainment support.


  • Design and Construction of work and accommodation compounds (including labor camps) for Armed Forces and aviation clients.

  • Major Air & Missile Defense Weapon System Support upgrade (PATRIOT); personnel, tools and test equipment, other hardware, and spare parts.  

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