• Recruiting, Training & Outsourcing (including English Language Mechanics and Electronics Training), for Construction, Industrial, Defense & Aviation clients.


  • Communication Infrastructure, Supply (Including Tactical Ground & Radio Communication (GRC) Equipment), and support.  For Communication, Defense & Aviation clients.


  • Supply (including Installation, Commissioning, Training, Integration, Maintenance, and Support) of Platforms, Systems, Components & Subcomponents, Heavy Equipment, Trucks, Specialized vehicles, and Power Generators for Construction, Oil & Gas, Industrial, Defense & Aviation Clients.

  • Environmental Washing Systems (Supply, Installation, Training, and Support) Aviation & Heavy Equipment, For Defense & Aviation clients.


  • Maintenance and Refurbishment Projects (Man Power, Work Shops, Paint & Wash Booths, Labs, Spare Parts (including Repair and Return), & Consumables). For Defense & Aviation clients.


  • Procurement and Supply Chain ( Including Warehouse & Facility Management) For Defense & Aviation clients.  


  • Personnel Support Service (PSS)

  • Security Projects, Supply, Installation, Training, and ongoing support (Manpower, Safety Drivers, Security Reports, and Logistical Services). For Defense & Aviation clients.

  • Design & Construction for Work and Accommodation compounds (Including Labor Camps). For Defense & Aviation clients.

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