VINCORION is a JENOPTIK technology group focusing on mechatronic solutions, products, and related services.

  • Supplier to the aviation, defense and security technology, and railway industries.

  • Develops and produces tailored solutions that meet the specific requirements of its customers.

  • Portfolio includes individual assemblies that can be integrated into customer end products, as well as complete systems.

  • Areas of expertise are energy and drive systems, stabilization, and aviation systems.

  • Market leader in power supplies for air defense systems.

  • Has been supplying reliable power systems for the PATRIOT Air Defense System for decades.

  • Customer support team offers service throughout assembly's life.

  • InVeris Training Solutions is the world leader for integrated live-fire and virtual weapons training systems for defense forces, law enforcement agencies and commercial shooting range owners around the world.

  • 90+ years of Live-Fire-Ranges experience with more than 15,000 ranges fielded.

  •  Over 35 years of experience in the Virtual Small Arms Simulation Training industry.

  • Fielded over 7,400 virtual training systems and over 52,000 weapon simulators worldwide.


  • Meggitt Training Systems Announces Company Name Change to InVeris Training Solutions

Humanihut Shelter Dignity Delivered
  • Delivers short-to-long term accommodation, storage and multi-use solutions.

  • For agencies seeking affordable, logistically efficient, agile, robust, rapidly deployable and limitlessly re-deployable system

  • Fully Integrated infrastructure.

  • Close to logistics efficiency of tents and with a life span exceeding 20 Years.

  • Rigid and comfort of a prefabricated or container-based solution. (Can House 2,500 People in less than 4 Days). 

  • Humanihut Video 

Humanihut Shelter Dignity Delivered

Baggage handling solution that can be integrated with all airport sorting systems.

Brings previously unseen efficiency and speed in to the Bulk Baggage Handling process.

More than 20 years Aviation, Airline and Airport experience.

Provides intelligent, fast, gentle, and efficient baggage handling with proven results:


  • 95% reduced manual baggage handling

  • Passengers have experienced faster baggage reclaim

  • Real-time tracking of in-system baggage

  • Up to 60% improved footprint utilization

  • Lowest possible turnaround time

BBHS Intelligent Baggage Handling
BBHS Intelligent Baggage Handling

Riveer Founded in 1983, is a U.S. global manufacturer of wash racks, wash water filtration, cleaning solution reclamation and power washers, including wash booths. Riveer technology leads the washing and water recycling industry in ease of use, performance and efficiency.  Aircraft rinsing and aircraft washing are critical in commercial and military aircraft maintenance. Riveer is the leader in aircraft wash equipment, aviation washing systems, aircraft wash carts, in line wash rack systems and in clear water rinse systems for airframes cleaning and corrosion mitigation.

  • Certified by USG Corrosion Office.  

  • Compliant with all US and EU requirements for electrical pressure control.  

  • All systems meet or exceed the MILSPEC requirements of the U.S. Government, and are in accordance with OEM recommendations, and are environmental friendly.

  • Global Installations In Defense, Aviation, Industrial, Mining, and Mega-Contractors, including OEM’s markets. 

  • Over 1000 Riveer systems are operating globally, in all types of environments.